Demonstrateors of the NATURE-DEMO project

NATURE-DEMO will validate its general methodology for prioritising Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and its digital Platform to case specific scenarios. The project identified the needs for five locations within the Alpin biogeographic region that span different infrastructure sectors and include transportation (roads and railways), green-infrastructure, and hydropower systems (two dams). The demonstrators also address different climatic threats that focus on (fluvial and pluvial) floods, settlement, landslides, and wildfire.


Lattenbach, Austria

Foresting, bioswales / NbS infiltration systems, aquifer recharge and storage

  • Protection structure
  • 3 Climate threats
  • 5,000 People


Brasov, Romania

Native species, reuse of water sources with NbS treatment

  • Green infrastructure
  • 3 Climate threats
  • 300,000 people


Vrhovo, Slovenia

Water guidance with NbS, retaining water in substrates, aquifer recharge, storing in ponds or aquifer

  • Hydropower generation
  • 3 Climate threats
  • 254,000 People

Horizon Europe Programme

Action No. 101157448